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Genetic genealogy 2007

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline


DNA accepted as Mayflower descent proof:

Hobbyists obtain staff positions: (about June 11)

  • Adrian Williams becomes Manager of Web Content at FTDNA (announcement on ISOGG discussion list)
  • Roberta Estes becomes Director for DNA Research for the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research (and Ana Oquendo Pabón joins advisory board). - use Newspaper (etc.) link; June 11 and 12, 2007

Chris Pomery publishes second book: "Family History in the Genes: Trace your DNA and grow your family tree".

Increased interest in (and controversy about) companies that offer [Biogeographical ancestry|"biogeographical" testing]] (e.g., identifying African or Native American tribes) and other special tests such as deCODEme and 23andMe.

Family Tree DNA's 4th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy (for FTDNA Group Administrators), Houston, Texas – October (included advance copy of forthcoming 2008 Y-Chromosome Consortium (YCC) phylogenetic tree update)

Journal of Genetic Genealogy - see articles by genetic genealogy hobbyists

Other landmark events

60 Minutes features Genetic Genealogy (Oct. 7, 2007)