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Genetic genealogy 2014

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

June 2014 announced on 4th June that they would no longer be offering Y-DNA and mtDNA tests with immediate effect. See:

Family Tree DNA passed the significant milestone of having over half a million Y-DNA results in their database. The exact date on which the milestone was achieved is not known, but it was noted on 7th June that there were 506,066 Y-DNA records in the database.

Family Tree DNA announced on 12th June that it "has processed over 1,000,000 DNA test kits results for genealogy and anthropology purposes. This historic amount includes Family Tree DNA’s tests as well the processing of public participation samples for National Geographic’s Genographic Project." [1]

The first full mitochondrial sequence from a Full Genomes Corporation customer was published on GenBank on 21 June.[2]


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