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Genetic genealogy 2005

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

January 7, 2005

YSTR Mutation Rates Study is begun by Charles Kerchner.

April 13, 2005

The Genographic Project is announced by National Geographic, IBM, et al.[1]

May 10, 2005

Ann Turner, founder (see October 2000) of the RootsWeb GENEALOGY-DNA discussion list, retires as list administrator. Jim Bullock becomes the new administrator.

April 2005

The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) is launched. Founding members: John A. Blair, Katherine Borges, Nancy Key Davenport, Kenny Hedgpeth, Suzanne Johnston, Charles Kerchner, Linda Magellan, Douglas J. Miller, Patrick Tagert.

July 3, 2005

The Journal of Genetic Genealogy (JoGG) is launched.[2] Whit Athey, Editor; Dennis Garvey, Associate Editor; Tom Roderick, Associate Editor. Board/founders include Terry Barton, Ann Turner, Stephen Perkins, Richard Barton.

November 2005

ISOGG group forms to create online Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree to keep pace with the rapid developments. Coordinator: Alice Fairhurst. Design team: Bill Bailey, Katherine Hope Borges, Michael Crocker, Richard Kenyon, Sasson Margaliot, Doug McDonald. Content experts: Whit Athey, Dennis Garvey, Phil Goff, Gareth Henson, Mike N. Humphrey, John McEwan, Bonnie Schrack, Ann Turner, David Wilson. Content experts liaison with experts from various DNA labs to determine what information is needed to amend the tree. See April 2006.

December 2005

Gusmao L, Sánchez-Diz P, Calafell F, et al. Mutation rates at Y chromosome specific microsatellites. Human Mutation. 2005 Dec; 26(6): 520-8. (E-publication ahead of print on 11 October 2005.)

December 2005

(online early) Am. J. Hum. Genet. (online early) A Y-Chromosome Signature of Hegemony in Gaelic Ireland Laoise T. Moore, Brian McEvoy, Eleanor Cape, Katharine Simms, and Daniel G. Bradley Received September 29, 2005; accepted for publication November 18, 2005; electronically published December Link is invalid -


December 16, 2005

Family Tree DNA reports over 2,500 projects, representing over 27,000 surnames (variations).

Would like data from other companies to include here *

New books

  • Forensic Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick, April 2005.
  • DNA & Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick and Andrew Yeiser, November 2005.

New companies

New discussion lists

Landmark events

  • Hobbyists become consultants (e.g., Ann Turner, Roberta Estes, Charles Kerchner).
  • Individuals began ordering full sequence mitochondrial DNA tests.
  • Increased interest of hobbyists in deep clade SNP tests
  • Regional/Geographical DNA projects
  • Haplogroup/Anthrogenealogy Projects.



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