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Genetic genealogy 2011

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

18th February 2011

Family Tree DNA sold kit no. 200,000. The announcement was made on their Facebook page.

At around the same time Family Tree DNA database also clocked up over 200,000 Y-DNA samples in its database. An ISOGG project administrator noted the following on the Family Tree DNA website on 18th February: "There are currently 200,071 [Y-DNA] samples in the database. This represents 38,879 unique twelve marker haplotypes, 74,428 unique twenty-five marker haplotypes, and 87,797 unique thirty-seven marker haplotypes." Under "mtDNA Results it says "There are currently 123,372 samples in the database representing 18,665 unique haplotypes."

April 2011

Family Tree DNA announces the launch of a new 111-marker Y-DNA test in an e-mail to group administrators dated 5th April 2011: "Due to the specialized nature of this test and in order to evaluate the potential benefit of this type of upgrade, we ask that customers with Y-DNA12, 25, or 37 results upgrade to 67 markers first before considering the 111 marker test."

August 2011

Publication of the first genetic analysis of a surname in Southern Europe. Surname and Y chromosome in Southern Europe: a case study with Colom/Colombo By Luis Javier Martínez-González, Esther Martínez-Espín, Juan Carlos Álvarez, Francesc Albardaner, Olga Rickards, Cristina Martínez-Labarga, Francesc Calafell and José Antonio Lorente. European Journal of Human Genetics, 17 August 2011.

November 2011

Publication of the book DNA and Social Networking: A Guide to Genealogy Research in the Twenty-First Century by ISOGG member Debbie Kennett.