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Genetic genealogy 2013

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline


Family Tree DNA had 402,285 DNA records in its database on 4 February 2013. The precise date when the 400,000 milestone was passed is not known.


Publication of An African American Paternal Lineage Adds an Extremely Ancient Root to the Human Y Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree by Fernando L. Mendez, Thomas Krahn, Bonnie Schrack, Astrid-Maria Krahn, Krishna R. Veeramah, August E. Woerner, Forka Leypey Mathew Fomine, Neil Bradman, Mark G. Thomas, Tatiana M. Karafet, Michael F. Hammer. The American Journal of Human Genetics . 7 March 2013 (Vol. 92, Issue 3, pp. 454-459).

26 March 2013

Family Tree DNA announces a new low price of $49 for the 12-marker Y-DNA test with effect from 1 April 2013.[1]


2nd May 2013

Family Tree DNA announces that it will discontinue the sale of the basic mtDNA HVR1 test. A new low price of $49 is introduced for the mtDNAPlus test (HVR1+HVR2).[2]


21 July 2013

The Adoption project reported receiving a new member with kit no. 300198. The exact date when the 300000 milestone was passed is not known.


30 September 2013

Family Tree DNA have over 30,000 full mitochondrial sequences in their database as of 30 September 2013.[3]


5 October 2013

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) passed a ruling to "allow the submission of Y-DNA test results as part of a genealogical analysis of evidence under guidelines set forth by the Genealogy Department effective January 1, 2014". For further details see the post by Lynn Young, the Society's President entitled DNA evidence for DAR applications.

18 - 20 October 2013

The first ever genetic genealogy conference is held in Ireland at the Back To Our Past show in Dublin from 18 to 20 October 2013. For further details see Genetic Genealogy Ireland and Back To Our Past.


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