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Genetic genealogy 2009

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Genetic Genealogy Timeline

September 2009

A number of ISOGG members are included in a beta group of 23andMe customers who were invited to test a new autosomal product from 23andMe by the name of Relative Finder. Selected customers were offered discount codes to test other family members and friends.[1][2]

October 2009

23andMe opens up the beta testing of its Relative Finder feature to its entire customer database.[3][4] Relative Finder predicts relationships based on the amount of DNA shared and the size of the shared segments.

Relative Finder is launched to the public on 9 February 2010. The launch coincides with the genealogy and genetics TV series Faces of America hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.[5]

The feature was renamed as DNA Relatives in April 2013.[6]


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