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Y-DNA STR testing comparison chart

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This Y-STR testing chart provides comparative information on the Y-STR Y chromosome DNA tests offered by the major DNA testing companies. Y-STR tests are used for genetic genealogy within a genealogical timeframe and are generally co-ordinated through surname DNA projects.

Some surname DNA projects offer sponsored Y-DNA tests. To see if your name is included on the list visit our free DNA tests page.

For background information on purchasing a DNA test see Before You Buy and Choosing a DNA testing company.

For guidelines on DNA testing see the Genetic genealogy standards.

For information on Y-SNP testing and SNP discovery see the ISOGG Y-DNA SNP testing chart.

Note that Y-STRs are also included with Y-chromosome sequencing tests such as the BigY-700 test from FamilyTreeDNA and the Y-Elite from Full Genomes Corporation.

This chart is provided for informational purposes only. Additions can be made upon ISOGG member request. Please submit additions, corrections/updates to .

Company and product name Family Tree DNA Genebase Systems, Inc. YSEQ
Main purpose of test Genealogy Genealogy Genealogy
Date when product first went on sale 2000 2005 (1998) 2013
Cost 12 STRs $59 (only available through projects)
37 STRs $119
111 STRs $249
20 STRs $119
44 STRs $199
101 STRs $339
Alpha Panel (16 STRs, including some multi-part markers) $58
Beta Panel (14 STRs, including some multi-part markers) $58
Alpha-Beta Panel (37 STRs) $85[1]
Delta Panel (50 STRs) $95
Gamma Panel (36 STRs) $95
Project prices n/a n/a n/a
Additional Y-STRs Discontinued n/a Single markers $9.95 - $15.00 (from a selection of 125)
DYS464 palindromic panel including DYS464X and DYF399X $25
Shipping charges $9.95 for the USA and for international orders (prepaid return postage is included for US kits)[2] Regular delivery: approximately 7 to 10 business days - $10.00 USD. Express delivery: 1 to 2 business days - $25.00 USD $6.00 USD or €5.22 worldwide
International product availability Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
DNA sample storage Yes (free 25 years) Unknown Free unlimited storage[3]
Projects supported Yes, Surname projects, geographical projects and haplogroup projects No Yes, Surname projects and haplogroup projects
Size of Y-STR database as of 26 May 2016 733,000+ [4] Unknown 75814[5]
Project/crowd funding Yes, through projects' General Funds No Yes, by donating to Group Funds
Online community or forum Public FTDNA Forums ? YSEQ Facebook group
Additional DNA testing options available from this company Yes, Y-SNP testing (single SNPs, specialised SNP panels and Y-chromosome sequencing), mtDNA testing and autosomal DNA testing Yes, limited Y-SNP testing and multiple options for mtDNA testing Yes, Single Y-SNP testing (single SNPs and specialised SNP panels), whole genome sequencing, mtDNA testing, autosomal STR testing and X-STR testing
Lead scientists in the company Michael Hammer, Connie Bormans Unknown Thomas Krahn, Astrid Krahn.
Advisory board and consultants for the company Michael Hammer and Doron Behar[6] Unknown n/a
Ownership Gene by Gene ? Privately held by Thomas Krahn and Astrid Krahn
Lab(s) used Family Tree DNA Genomics Center, Houston, Texas Genetrack Biolabs, Inc. YSEQ GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Method for collecting the sample Cheek swab Cheek swab Cheek swab
Address Family Tree DNA
1445 North Loop West
Suite 820
TX 77008
Genebase Systems Inc
200-2806 Kingsway
Vancouver BC V5R 5T5
Kettinger Straße 32
12305 Berlin
E-mail address FTDNA Contact Form email email
Phone number (1) 713-868-1438 (1) 877-714-6357 (toll free) (1) 281-627-8139.
Year founded 2000 2005 (1998)[7] 2013


Family Tree DNA, Genebase and Y-SEQ are registered, trademarked, and/or copyrighted names of companies, websites and organizations, not affiliated with ISOGG.

For a detailed comparison of the individual Y-STR markers tested by each company, including companies which are no longer trading, see Michael L. Hébert's Y-DNA Testing Company STR Marker Comparison Chart

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