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There is no way to arrive at an unknown destination unless you have a map to get there.

Article and content improvements

  • Write a page about "ethnicity" for the glossary
  • Update the Y-DNA SNP testing chart. Details of new Y Elite test? New Geno test? Column for YSEQ? Check with User:ChrisR as he was planning a major reorganisation of this page
  • Add African Ancestry to the mtDNA testing comparison chart
  • Convert Portal:DNA_testing into a Newbie Portal
  • Update and convert this page into a project admins comparison chart for autosomal DNA testing featuring the companies on the Autosomal DNA testing comparison chart
  • Ethnic origins autosomal DNA testing chart This page has been removed from the Wiki main space as it is now very out of date and potentially misleading. Is there a need for this page to be revamped as an autosomal STR comparison chart?
  • Finish off the listing of projects at Geographical DNA projects (North and South America still to be done)
  • Find more public domain pictures
  • Add external links for companies/societies etc on the Abbreviations page where there is no ISOGG Wiki article
  • Compile a list of the Oppenheimer Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroup nicknames.
  • Update AncestryDNA page with info re non-availability of Y-DNA amd mtDNA tests
  • Countries of Ancestry needs updating (page still refers to Ancestry Finder and screenshots are out of date)
  • Some other pages for 23andMe features are probably also out of date
  • Update Family Finder page to include information about MyOrigins.
  • Provide simple one-sentence definitions for remaining terms in the Genetics Glossary

Articles needed

Consider commissioning articles from authoritative sources where appropriate or create a new article by clicking on the red link below

Wanted Articles

Other articles needed

If something isn't of interest in the wanted articles section, here are some alternatives.

  • Start a page with a comprehensive listing of articles on the subject of genetic genealogy with links to online versions wherever possible. Start with the list here
  • CRS/rCRS/RSRS - title?
  • New page for a list of orphan DNA projects seeking an admin. Link to page on World Families website. Write to FTDNA and ask them to send us their list.
  • Articles for all the testing companies in the List of DNA testing companies which currently have external links
  • Articles on advanced autosomal DNA techniques
  • Detailed article on SNP testing
  • Article on citizen science with a list of genetics papers published by or with the help of genetic genealogists
  • More introductory articles on the basics of genetic genealogy
  • Genealogy resources for more countries
  • Encourage project admins to create Wiki articles for their surname, geographical and haplogroup projects
  • Other suggestions? Post them on the talk page.

Wiki documentation

Improve official Wiki documentation. Currently awaiting feedback from a legal adviser on:

Mainly for admins

This section is mainly for admins though anyone is free to contribute ideas or to edit these pages if they wish to get involved.

  • Edit notice for a page being created for the first time.
    • Notice to the page creator to check style guide? Is this needed?

Help pages

  • New Help Portal needs to be developed
  • Project namespace education, use, shortcuts and general guide.
  • Edit guide
  • Link guide with interwiki link use
  • Transclusion guide
    • The good, the bad and the ugly. Notes on proper usage and consequences of improper usage or editing.
  • Categorization page (A Must!)

Improvements to navigation

  • Navigational aids
  • Group similar pages together with Portal pages
    • Finish all portal pages
    • Link with easy navigation
  • Improve overall look of wiki


  • Create an Editors' Portal to serve as a home for all the guides and links.
  • The ISOGG Wiki Style guide needs to be developed to encourage consistency across all Wiki pages
  • Not hard and fast
  • Friendly suggestions
  • Image and media guides
  • Upload filename structure (separate) !important!

Projects and user involvement

  • Projects page - do we need this? Will the portals not suffice?
  • Create an Editor group with extra privileges.
  • New 'Welcome message'
  • Improve collaboration on the wiki
  • Encourage user collaboration via talk pages.
  • Extensions to improve talk pages? - We need to get people using the talk pages first.
  • 'Upload Notice' on upload page to check Images and File usage and guide.

Project Namespace aka ISOGG Wiki

  • Improve and complete all pages, Style guide dependent.

List of new pages needing content for reference

Articles to be transferred from the main ISOGG website

These are pages under the main ISOGG web domain and not transferred to the wiki yet. These pages are still available for viewing using the Web Archive.

To Do

Pages which need to redirected to a wiki article or Portal page.

Famous DNA Series

The following are underway and need to be completed. Please see Famous DNA:Introduction

  • Redirected & Completed
  • Redirected - Content still being added and improved
  • Redirected - Content still being added and improved
  • Redirected - Content still being added and improved
  • Redirected & Completed
  • Redirected - Content still being added and improved


Links to all the newsletters can be found off of the main page link below.

  • (A need to preserve the newsletters. Make them PDFs?) Done - see ISOGG Newsletter


The following pages have been redirected. There may still be some tasks left to complete, such as improvement of redirect target page. These should be moved to another section as a stand alone pages needing improvement.